We are taking care of your beloved gear. Great work require skills, patience and passion...

We are not only looking at numbers, listening is number one! It's a well known fact numbers are not the only truth here and we believe this is a very important link between us and you, the sound engineer or musician. Subtle nuances are found between for example, brand of components and we know how to make it sound better or at least as good as what it was! (which can be tricky with vintage gear...)



Strong of 15 years experience, we got a nice view from vintage gear to newer units.

From a Maihak V41 microphone tube preamp made in the 50's to a SSL console, it's always a pleasure to keep these beauties ready for action.


As we are always looking how things could be improved, let us know if you have special wishes about your unit.

Many times upgrades can be done,

we can discuss it together in order

to make it: damn GOOD!